Wine List for Friday, May 11th, 2001

Bordeaux Ch. With Historical Irish Connections

1.Pauillac : Ch. Lynch-Bages, 5th Growth 94 Yen4,980 (Yamaya)

2.Pauillac : Ch. Pichon Longueville-Comtesse de Lalande, 2nd Growth 97 Yen2,980 (Yamaya)

3.St Julien : Ch. Langoa Barton, 2nd and 3rd Growth 97 Yen4,980 (Yamaya)

4.St Julien : Ch. Leoville Poyferre, 2nd Growth 94 Yen4,980 (Cave de Relax)

5.Graves : Ch. Haut-Brion, 1st Growth 93 Yen19,800 (Yamaya)

6.Graves : Ch. Pape-Clement, Pessac 94 Yen8,980 (Yamaya)

7.St-Estephe : Meyney 86 Yen7,980 (Cave de Relax)

8.Chile : Almarviva 98, Yen4.890 (Yamaya)

9.Australia : Warenmang, 95 Yen2,980 (Yamaya)

This theme is taken from "The Irish Wines of Bordeax", a book authored by our cellarmaster's father.  We will dring wines made by Chateaus that are listed in this book as having Irish connection.  The list of such chateaus is attached at the end of this mail.

According to this book, the "flower of the country's youth and nobility into the service of the King of France" in their fight against the English in the 17th century.  Many of the survivers remained in France, and some went into the wine business.  Those Irishmen made wines long before the Guinness was invented.

To quote from "The Irish Wines of Bordeaux" by T.P. Whelehan:
Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral, and the author of Guilliver's Travels was also a celebrated wine connoisseur of his day, perferring to drink claret above all other wines.
The following were his instructions for disinterring a 'great bottle of wine long interred'.

'Behold the bottle where it lies
with neck elated tow'rds the skies
The God of winds and God of fire
Did to its wondrous birth conspire;
And Bacchus for the poets use
Pour'd in a strong inspring juice.
It drags behind a spacious womb,
And in the spacious womb contains
A sov'reign med'cine for the brains'

The Irish Wines of Bordeax

Ch Lynch-Bages, 5th Growth
Ch Lynch Moussas, 5th Growth
Ch. Pichon Longueville-Comtesse de Lalande, 2nd Growth
Ch Batailley, 5th Growth
Ch Latour, 1st Growth

Ch Boyd-Cantenac, 3rd Growth
Ch Cantenac-Brown, 3rd Growth
Ch Lascombes, 2nd Growth
Ch Dauzac, 5th Growth
Ch Kirwan, 3rd Growth
Ch Siran, Cru Bourgeois Superior
Ch Coufran, Cru Grand Bourgeois, Haut-Medoc
Ch Soudars, Cru Bourgeois, Haut-Medoc
Ch Verdignan, Cru Grand Bourgeois, Haut-Medoc

St Julien
Ch. Leoville Barton / Ch Langoa Barton, 2nd and 3rd Growth
Ch. Ducru-Beaucaillou, 2nd Growth
Ch. Leoville Poyferre, 2nd Growth
Ch. Clarke, Cru Bourgeois- Listrac
Ch. de Bouilh, Bordeaux Superieur
Ch. Dillon, Cru Bourgeois, Haut Medoc

St Estephe
Ch. MacCarthy, Cru Grand Bourgeois
Ch. Phelan-Segur, Cru Grand Bourgeois Exceptionnel
Ch. de Pez, Cru Bourgeois

Ch. Pape-Clement, Pessac
Ch. Haut-Brion, 1st Growth

Ch. Guiraud, 1er Cru
Ch Yquem, 1er Grand Cru

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