The World Wine Cup - Red

Highlights of May tasting

The last tasting of The Tokyo Wine Society was held on the 14th of June and the theme is red wine. Nine volunteers brought one wine from the region of his or her choice.  The selected nine different regions covered the world. 
Left is the picture of a botttle stopper and two bottles of Portugese wines (red and white) with the official FIFA logo, contributed by Kevin the cellarmaster, as the prize to the person who brought the best and the second best wines for the night. The winners were Mark and Monty.


Glass No. Wine Year Grape Region Yen Shop Rank 1s 2s Ls
A Iwanohara, limited edition of 5407 2000   Japan 4,000 in Niigata (by Julia) 8 2 2 6
B Chateau Grand Puy-Lacoste 1997 Cab.Svn Pauillac, France 4,980 Yamaya (by Elizabeth) 4 2 1 2
C Marques de Riscal Gran Reserva 1994 Cab.Svn Spain 4,494 Shinanoya (by Frederic) 7 1 0 0
D Stelenbosch Farmers Zonnebloem 1995 Cab.Svn South Africa 3,150 Kudaigura (by Toshiaki) 5 1 3 2
E Petaluma Coonawarra 1997   Australia 5,700 Nisshin (by Eric) 3 4 8 0
F Chehalem Ridgecrest 1998 Pinot Noir Oregon USA 5,450 Friends of the Vine website (by Monty) 2 7 7 1
G Chateau Negly 2000   Languedoc, France - - (by James) 9 2 1 10
H Ca' de Loi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 1995   Italia 2,980 Yamaya (by Sayako) 6 1 2 4
I Jim Barry Clare Valley 1999 Cab.Svn Australia 2,450 Village Cellars (by Mark) 1 6 7 1

Rank: 1=Most Preffered, 9=Worst,
1s:No of attendee preffered best,
2s: No of attendee chose second best,
Ls:No of atendee ranked worst



Swordfish & Duck Tartar
(Sorry, half eaten)


Beef Tongue with Green Sauce
(Mango, Avocado, Mozzarella, Tomato)


(Tomato, Zucchini, Onion, Green Papers, Basil)


Ayu stuffed with Scallop mousse
(Ayu, Mousse, Ayudate) 


Matured Pork grilled with Myoga
(Pork feed seaweed, Garlic, Apple, Myoga, Palmary)


Black Sesame Blancmange with white sesame
(Black Sesame)

By Restaurent Bon Chere at
the Shanpia Hotel in Akasaka.


The Tokyo Wine Society