Ch. Rauzan Segla-Vertical

November 14, 2003


We had a vertical of Ch. Rauzan Segla (Margaux, Second Growth).  Kevin, the cellarmaster, was in charge of this selection.
The years that we tasted were: 1983 (Parker Point 92), 86 (PP 96), 88 (PP 92), 90 (PP 92), 93, 96, 98, and 00 with 99 Ch. Margaux. The vineyear has 54% Cabernet Sauvignon, 41% Merlot, 1% Cabernet Franc, 4% Petit Verdot and blend varies slightly year to year.
We did preference vote as usual. But our intention tonight was not to rank Ch. Rauzan Segla but understand the workmanship of each year and how that develop year by year. It was interesting the youngest one and the oldest one were highly prefered among us. Not only that the Bordeaux 2000 is extremely good vintage as we know by our 103 Tastings, but it might be a sign that Bordeaux is changing its own style to become good to drink young as well. We tend to prefer new world wines than French ones, but it may be changing. Wmm, still too expensive thou.
Thank you Kevin. It was great.


No Wine Year Grape Region Yen Shop Rank 1s 2s Ls
A Ch. Rauzan Segla 2000 CS54%,Merlot41% Bordeaux 15,000 Pieroth Japan 2 3 3 1
B Ch. Margaux 1999 CS75%,Merlot20% Bordeaux   Pieroth Japan 3 3 2 0
C Ch. Rauzan Segla 1999 CS54%,Merlot41% Bordeaux 7,400 Pieroth Japan 8 0 0 5
D Ch. Rauzan Segla 1998 CS54%,Merlot41% Bordeaux 8,400 Pieroth Japan 5 0 5 1
E Ch. Rauzan Segla 1996 CS54%,Merlot41% Bordeaux 11,400 Pieroth Japan 9 3 0 7
F Ch. Rausan Segla 1993 CS54%,Merlot41% Bordeaux 9,400 Pieroth Japan 7 3 1 3
G Ch. Rauzan Segla 1990 CS54%,Merlot41% Bordeaux 16,800 Pieroth Japan 6 0 1 0
H Ch. Rauzan Segla 1988 CS54%,Merlot41% Bordeaux 17,400 Pieroth Japan 4 2 0 0
I Ch. Rauzan Segla 1983 CS54%,Merlot41% Bordeaux 19,000 Pieroth Japan 1 4 7 1

Rank: 1=Most Prefered, 9=Worst,
1s:No of attendee prefered best,
2s: No of attendee chose second best,
Ls:No of atendee ranked worst

Dishes for tonight

Place: at the restaurent Bon Chere, Shampia Hotel Akasaka


Sord Fish, chrysanthemum leave source


Conger, Fritter


Seafood Bisque


Angler, bacon rolled


Ground-chicken patty with Foie gras on Japanese Yam



Special Desert

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