Pinot vs Merlot in Westcoast

June 11, 2004


The last tasting was held at the Restaurant Bon Chere at Shampia Hotel Akasaka on 11th of June. We tried Pinots from California and Oregon, and Merlots from California and Washington state. Thank you to Mr Hamamoto of Village Cellars, who has selected for us for the night. His intention was to have two flights, one for Pinots and then Merlots. However, we ended up with usual one flight, and that might have not been a good idea this time.
By looking at the result below, it was so obvious the winner tonight was Merlot. Naturally TWS loves Merlot, but it does not mean we hate Pinot. Was it Pinot being too young? Or was it as a consequence of lobbying activities from Washington State?


No Wine Year Grape Region Yen Shop Rank 1s 2s Ls
A Francis Tannahill Pinot Noir The Hermit, Willamette Valley 2002 Pinot Noir Oregon 7,000 Village Cellars 5 2 1 2
B Brooks Pinot Noir Janus, Willamette Valley 2001 Pinot Noir Oregon 5,200 Village Cellars 9 3 1 6
C Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir Knox Alexander, Santa Maria Valley 2001 Pinot Noir California 8,000 Liquor Shop Ai 8 0 3 2
D Etude Pinot Noir, Carneros 2001 Pinot Noir California 7,000 Village Cellars 6 0 0 0
E L'Ecole No.41 Merlot Seven Hills, Walla Walla 2001 Merlot Washington 5,900 Orca International 2 2 5 2
F Pepper Bridge Merlot, Walla Walla 2000 Merlot Washington 5,400 Orca International 1 4 3 0
G Beringer Merlot Howell Mountain, Napa Valley 1997 Merlot California 15.000 Sapporo Beer 3 5 1 2
H Woodward Canyon Merlot, Walla Walla 2000 Merlot Washington 5,300 Orca International 4 1 3 0
I Stag's Leap Winery Merlot, Napa Valley 2001 Merlot California 5,400 Village Cellars 6 3 2 5

Rank: 1=Most Prefered, 9=Worst,
1s:No of attendee prefered best,
2s: No of attendee chose second best,
Ls:No of atendee ranked worst

Dishes for tonight

Place: at the restaurent Bon Chere, Shampia Hotel Akasaka


Terrine of fromage de chevre and vegitables


Mousse of Red Pepper in Tomate Clear Jello


Vegitable soup, Provance style


Risotto of Conger and Egg plant, in Red Wine sauce


Pork Roast


Gateau chocola with Orange Icecream

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