Spanish Red

September 10, 2004



The last tasting was held at the Restaurant Bon Chere at Shampia Hotel Akasaka on 10th of September, and we learned to surprize it was going to be the last tasting in this restaurent. The hotel is under change of management and they do not believe they are capable of supporting TWS anymore. It is happening all over in Japan, not just in Banking industry and for baseball players.
We set this Spanish tasting trying to see the effect of the new investments, technology and winemakers who respect the great wine making traditions of Spain and France. And we sensed Spanish wine are not just as similar quality to French wine with reasonable price and favoring of early consumption.
However, my favorite wine tonight were wine B and wine F. I will have to open up my eyes and graduate from CS and Merlot.


No Wine Year Grape Region Yen Shop Rank 1s 2s Ls
A Finca Sobreno 2001 Templanillo Toro, Spain 2,625 Pieroth 8 0 1 2
B Jean Leon Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 1994 CS Penedes, Spain 4,250 Tokyu Toyoko 7 1 3 3
C Dehesa la Ganja, vino de Mesa 1998 Tempranillo Rebera Del Duero, Spain 3,360 Eno Vino 6 1 3 2
D Lanzaga 2001 Templanillo Rioja, Spain 3,150 Eno Vino 9 1 1 4
E Pasanau, La Morrela de Montsant 2000 Garnacha, Merlot, CS Priorato, Spain 3,990 Eno Vino 2 4 3 2
F Artereo Templanillo-Merlot 2000 Templanillo, Merlot La Mancha, Spain 1,785 Pieroth 5 2 3 4
G Clos Fonta 2000 Garnacha, CS, Carinena Priorato, Spain 8,400 Pieroth 1 8 4 1
H Valderiz 2001 Templanillo Ribera del Duero, Spain 2,750 Tokyu Honten 4 2 1 3
I Pesquera Gran Reserva 2001 Templanillo Ribera del Duero, Spain 10,700 Eno Vino 3 2 3 1

Rank: 1=Most Prefered, 9=Worst,
1s:No of attendee prefered best,
2s: No of attendee chose second best,
Ls:No of atendee ranked worst

Dishes for tonight

Place: at the restaurent Bon Chere, Shampia Hotel Akasaka


Terrine Foie gras


Grated Fash Somen, with Salmon Roe


Matsutake potage


Lobster mousse, with sauce Amerinaine


Lamb Cotelette, with Gnocchi and Lasagne


Brule Tarte Tatin with Milk Sorbet

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